LCP Tech Inc

Environmentally Friendly Technologies

Cooling and Advanced Fluids

LCP Tech Inc. invented breakthrough chemistry for advanced fluids that can replace environmentally hazardous fluids such as coolants. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has partially funded testing of this new chemistry as a metal working fluid/coolant. The chemical is non-toxic, recyclable, and does not support biological growth. This leads to other potential benefits such as longevity of use with global environmental suitability. LCP fluids maintain their viscosity over a wide temperature range (both hot and cold engines). These unique fluids can have a room temperature viscosity from <1cst to 1000cst each with a viscosity index of over 400.

To increase the heat transfer coefficients, the use of special additives based on nanotechnology is possible within the LCP fluid and other fluids such as water.  LCP has a very economical process for this. These additives have high thermal conductivity but are non-magnetic in nature and are dispersed within the fluid. The presence of these additives yield high thermal conductivity and has shown to increase heat transfer coefficients more than ten fold in our laboratory. The figure below shows significant heat transfer capability when compared to fluids used in the industry today. 

Advanced Cooling Fluids

These fluids are very cost effective. Heat transfer data to date indicates the possibility that smaller heat exchangers would be necessary if these fluids perform this well in actual automotive or other cooling systems. Significantly smaller heater cores, radiators, transmission coolers and fluid capacities would cost less and reduce the weight of the vehicle.

LCP Tech welcomes the opportunity to develop and test  this technology through partnerships.